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A vacation with a kids can involve a lot of planning, but the effort can be well worth the pleasure of a new experience. Think of it this way - once you get to the seashore, you’ll be able to relax (which parents of babies rarely get to do), introduce your baby to new things, and have some fun together as well.

Things To Bring With You:

1. Baby Sunglasses

Your baby can rock some cool sunglasses on the beach that’ll not only protect their eyes from strong sunlight but also allow them to make a fun fashion statement too. As it can be difficult to keep infant sunglasses in place, you can get options with a strap, so they don’t fall off while your baby is moving around on the sand or splashing about near the water.


2. Beach Toys

Bringing baby beach toys to the beach is a great idea to keep your baby entertained. From beach buckets that you can fill with a small amount of water for splashing to sand molds and animal toys, your baby will be kept well occupied as they get used to the beach environment. For babies, waterproof bath toys can also be a great option as these can easily be washed off afterward.

3. Beach Blankets Or Towels


You definitely won’t want to forget beach blankets or towels when heading to the beach with your kids, and definitely not if you’re bringing along a baby. Blankets come in handy to lay out on the beach to keep your baby off the hot sand, and you’ll need towels to dry off just in case you decide to go with the baby for a dip. You’ll be able to use blankets or towels under tents or umbrellas at the beach as well, which can help keep your baby cool and as sand free as possible.

4. Beach Or Sand Shoes


The sand on the beach can be extra hot, and not great for sensitive baby feet. Sand can be scratchy as well if it gets between little toes. It is best to keep your baby’s feet well protected. Beach or sand shoes can be a great option for this, even if your baby isn’t a walker yet. These will help keep your baby’s feet sand-free, especially if they want to crawl or sit in the sand.


5. Swim Ring

Bobbing around in the water is an absolute joy with the Sailors Bay swim ring. The blue, inflatable swim pool ring features a variety of illustrations, including boats, lighthouses and seagulls.

6. Baby Float 

A baby float works great in calm, shallow waters under the supervision of parents or guardians on the beach. With your baby beach float, you can treat your baby to a new experience in the water as you paddle along, allowing them to be a bit more independent while still being close to you.

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