Behind the scenes at a Little Sol+ Photoshoot

Behind the scenes at a Little Sol+ Photoshoot

The Beach Shoot

Launching a new collection for any brand is no small feat and launching a new collection during Dubai summer is on a whole new level, however we managed and got some fantastic images.

We tend not to use professional models as we like to involve our family and friends in creating content for our brand, as it just gives a genuine feel. The kids also love to be a part of it and see their mummies and daddies working on something so exciting. 

Saying that, it was not an easy job dragging them to the beach at 7am and giving them instructions on where to look and what to do and often the kids have other ideas! Sometimes we don't get what we're after, and in our case, they all just wanted to jump straight into the water. However the more we relaxed about the shots and let them play, the better the photos turned out.

The shoot turned out very natural and captured the collection and products in a location they would definitely be used in. Saying that we had to go back another morning to capture more shots as launching 16 new colours of sunglasses, 3 towels and 4 jelly sandals required a lot of shots.

We couldn’t have asked for a better lifestyle location than Dubai as it really is the perfect location to showcase a sustainable lifestyle brand for children. 



The Studio Shoot

We had a really specific look that we wanted to capture in our e-commerce product shoot so we worked with Pop and Product to have the photos styled and to really make this collection pop.

The team had made sure we had all the accessories we could imagine which included fresh pineapple, flowers, ice cream cones, leaves and even edible sprinkles.

In theory, photography seems simple, go in shoot the product and edit however in practice it is a lot more complicated and takes a lot of time to get that perfect shot. There are so many things to consider, lighting, angles, accessories, colours and backdrop.  If you think once you get the perfect shot that that’s it then think again as each image has to be edited to make sure everything is perfect.

This collaboration with another homegrown UAE brand was great as they really brought the products to life and were great to work with.



And that’s a wrap!

So we have learned so much from both of these different photo shoots and now truly understand how much work needs to go in beforehand, during and after the shoot.

Shoot days are unpredictable and even more so with kids but then that’s when you capture those amazing moments that are not staged and are just kids being kids.

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