Do kids really need sunglasses?

Do kids really need sunglasses?

They sure do and we have listed the reasons why!!


1) Sunglasses protect eyes against ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

Children need sunglasses because the lenses in their eyes allows approx. 10 times more UV radiation to pass through than those of adults.

Since UV radiation that enters the eye causes cell damage, this puts children at a higher risk for many complications.


2) Sunglasses protect your kid's eyes from an early age.

Up to 80 percent of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18.

Children spend a lot more time outside playing in the early years.

The cells and proteins of the lens of the eye are never replaced or replenished.

The lens cannot repair itself therefore damage accumulates over a lifetime.


3) Sunglasses protect from dust.

Sunglasses help to keep dust, pollen or debris out of your child’s eyes, especially in dusty environments such as the playgrounds or the beach.


4) Sunglasses protect against UV reflection and eye strain. 

Reflective surfaces like sand, water and buildings can reflect the most damaging of sun rays.

Without sunglasses kids are most likely to squint and strain their eyes which could lead to tension and headaches.


5) Wearing sunglasses becomes a good habit for your child.

It’s good to teach your kids that sunglasses are necessity instead of an accessory. Teach them to wear sunglasses whenever they go outside so that they can start protecting their eyes early and reduce the risk of many preventable health problems. Better yet, lead by example and make sure you take sunglasses whenever you step outside.






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